Samstag, 29. März 2014

James wird mit Victoria "Let it Go" covern!

"Recording something really fun together," indeed!
Victoria Justice teased earlier this week that she was in the studio with Big Time Rush cutie James Maslow—and the man himself revealed exclusively to E! News yesterday what the big project is!
He and Victoria are covering "Let It Go" from Frozen!
James, who's also currently the resident hottie on Dancing With the Stars, told us during a shopping trip to Vince in West Hollywood that the cover will be "more Demi Lovato" than Idina Menzel.

Demi, of course, performed the single version that's on the Disney film's platinum-selling soundtrack, while Menzel's is the version heard in the film sung by Snow Queen Elsa.
But while they're going with a simpler arrangement more akin to Demi's, James is a huge fan of the other version, too!
"Idina Menzel—or what is it, Azeem Dameel? Adele Dazeem, yeah," he said, poking fun at John Travolta's storied presenting gaffe, "so for those of you who are more familiar with her as that name, she killed it at the Oscars."
"You guys will get to see/hear soon," Victoria also promised via Instagram.


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